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Star Trek Prodigy episode stills

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a demonic looking robot with red eyes
Drednok, from Star Trek: Prodigy 1x04 Dream Catcher
an animated character sitting on a chair in a futuristic setting
Hologram-Janeway in the USS Protostar captain's chair. From Star Trek Prodigy 1x05: Terror Firma
an animated image of a man holding a red object in his right hand and pointing at it
Dal, from Star Trek: Prodigy 1x03 Starstruck
an advertisement for the upcoming star trek game called variety, featuring characters from various eras
Star Trek Prodigy Variety cover
a group of people standing on top of a rocky mountain under a sky filled with stars
Star Trek Prodigy season 1 key-art
an image of a sci - fi character in the video game zero
Star Trek Prodigy's Zero
an animated character with pink hair and purple hair, in front of a futuristic background
Star Trek Prodigy's Jankom Pog
an animated character with his arms crossed in front of him and the caption that reads, douff fokt - talk
Star Trek Prodigy's Murf and Rok-Tahk
Anime Characters, Female Characters, Alice, Person, Animé, Dessins Animés
Star Trek Prodigy's Gwyn
an animated character is standing in front of a star trek poster with his arms outstretched
Star Trek Prodigy's Dal
the character captain janeway from star trek
Star Trek Prodigy's Captain Janeway
an image of a robot with red eyes standing in the middle of a dark city
Star Trek Prodigy's Drednok
an artist's rendering of two planets in the sky with clouds and stars around them
Planets, from Star Trek Prodigy
an abstract painting with waves and sun in the background
Desert world, from Star Trek Prodigy
an aerial view of a futuristic city at night with lights and circles in the center
Alien city, from Star Trek Prodigy