Yarn Bombing

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there are knitted gloves hanging on the telephone pole
Menlo mystery: Yarn arms hugging telephone poles on Santa Cruz Avenue - InMenlo
two knitted flamingos on trees in front of a building
Yarnbomb Street Art – KNITS FOR LIFE
colorful crocheted items are hanging from a tree
Around Here: Tree Sweaters - Aunt Peaches
several knitted hot air balloons hanging from a tree
Playing the City
gloves are wrapped around the trunk of a tree
n.8 #yarnbombingbs #abbracci – ABBRACCI in piazza Tebaldo Brusato a Brescia, dal 7/3 al 17/3
Greerton 2014 Urban, Projects, Artsy, Handarbeit, Textiles, Wool, Basteln
Yarn Bombing 2014 - Greerton Village
Greerton 2014
there is a sculpture made out of books on the ground near some trees and bushes
This Yarn-Bomb Installation Features an Unexpected Twist
a colorful bear made out of crochet sitting on top of a tree
a group of people standing around a tree decorated with crochet
funnyfanny's yarn bombing chaussée d'ixelles 1
a multicolored knitted pole in front of a building
The Aftermath of a Yarn Bombing