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Thats where you messed up. You gave them the opportnity to picture a life without you, by being inconsistent. So when they got the strength, they walked away without looking back.

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But dandilions outlast roses, don't you see. Year after year, the dandelions fo the world keep smiling, no matter what tries to kill them. I will always choose to cherish dandelions, regardless of what roses may think of themselves.

Stupid boys!

Free and Funny Flirting Ecard: He is so confusing. Sometimes he makes me believe that he really likes me & then other times he makes me believe that I am just a girl that never crosses his mind.

Dedicated MINI Dealership features dramatic design and fun

Sewell MINI of Plano is now open and features dramatic interior and exterior design, along with plenty of features for a family-friendly showroom and service experience.