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Progression of Terraces in a nano tank! I love the look of this:) I would most likely make this a shrimp tank!

Super Tiger Shrimp - (

Blue Tiger Shrimp

Came across this in a Facebook freshwater shrimp group. Sweet!

Blue Panda Shrimp, might need to put one or two in my planted nano ;)

Sulawesi are probably the best-looking freshwater shrimp species almost in any colouration, but their water requirements make them a tough c...

Freshwater shrimp are the latest craze in the planted aquarium hobby. With dozens of variations, bee shrimp are highest on the list, as they make stunning additions to peaceful nano tanks and are perfect for a selective breeding project.

They may be tasty in scampi and cocktails, but these 5 beautiful shrimp species are as visually appealing as they are gastronomically!