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Aokigahara Forest - Mount Fuji, Japan (The Suicide Forest)

The Suicide Forest, Mount Fuji, Japan. More than 100 people a year go into this forest never to be seen again.

Haunted Houses

This picture represents the Radley's house. On page Scout describes the house as a sort of haunted house possessed by an entity who is called Boo Radley. "Rain-rotted shingles drooped over the eaves of the veranda.


Summerwind is a haunted house in Wisconsin that has a terrifying history. It is often called the most haunted mansion in the world.

Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California is a haunted mansion that is inhabited by ghosts and was built by a frightened woman, inspired by madness.

Castell de Tamarit - Tarragona: Old Gaurd, Spain

Is it just me or does anyone else expect Ariel from the Little Mermaid to be discovered by Eric on the beach? Spain - Tarragona: Old Gaurd I WANNA GO HERE !