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Poster for Palatino typeface
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Poster projects that i've compiled over a couple of years. Most are just for fun!

Garamond Type Poster
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Garamond Type Poster

At Loomis Group, all of our conference rooms were named after fonts. I initiated a project where designers company-wide each picked a room and designed a poster for it, somehow illustrating the font. These were then printed and displayed in the spaces. I …

Balance by Contrast Typography Poster


Typography is beautiful. @designerwallace
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Qalto font poster — Áron Jancsó

Qalto Typeface

Qalto flows and leaps like freestyle jazz. Suited as a strong title or headline font, the letters and ligatures are composed of very thin hairlines and very thick elements. This high contrast conveys a stunning visual effect and a unique optical rhythm. E…

I dont see the others letters in the font it would really help the poster out if i saw that.  Maybe in a red color to help make it stand out from the background.
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Bodoni Typeface Poster by L-Young on DeviantArt

This is a project for my graphic design class. We were assigned a typeface and had to create a poster to portray the qualities that make the typeface un... Bodoni Typeface Poster


30 Awesome Typography Posters That You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

Didot typeface poster I've made myself
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Didot typeface poster I've made myself

Cooper Black Typography
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Cooper Black Typography

Helvetica documentary poster. I'm still kind of shocked someone made a documentary about a typeface -- and people watched it!
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typography posters

30 Awesome Typography Posters That You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

innovative typography: Franklin Gothic
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Franklin Gothic

I found this poster image to be extremely engaging and dynamic. There is alot of artistic creativity and design in representing the typeface Franklin Gothic. I find it to be very effective.

type poster

type poster