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a poem written in black ink on parchment paper with an image of a vase filled with flowers
Nothing Lasts Forever That Means The Hardships And The Pain
Nothing lasts forever. That means the hardships and the pain you are going through right now won’t stay forever either. That means you will find a way to heal. Remember, life has its seasons, one after another they arrive, and they leave. You may feel like you won’t survive this season of pain, the struggles you are dealing with, but I assure you, you will. Like the seasons of life, your circumstances will change too. #inspire #motivation
a woman holding her hands to her face with the words, teach me how to trust
a lakota prayer ~ teach me how to trust ~ that i may enter my sacred space and love beyond my fear and thus walk in balance with the passing of each glorious sun
Wakan Tanka, Great Mystery, teach me how to trust my heart, my mind, my intuition, my inner knowing, the senses of my body, the blessings of my spirit. Teach me to trust these things so that I may enter my Sacred Space and love beyond my fear, and thus Walk in Balance with the passing of each glorious Sun. ~ Lakota Prayer