D.O EXO He's so freakin' cute this comeback, I can barely stand it.

O EXO He's so freakin' hot this comeback, I can barely stand it.

Exo kyungsoo die jungs

Exo kyungsoo die jungs- beginning to think that he should have his own board.

D.O. - I think this is the most sexiest pictures.

D.O - 160920 Second official photobook ‘Dear Happiness’ - Credit: MoncherDo.

#D.O. i believe this is the first time ive ever seen d.o.'s chest like that it nice lol

Can we just take a moment and appreciate how freakin' hot and sexy kyungsoo in this picture, dang! this boy ❤.

Kyungsoo #kokobop

D.O - 170718 ‘The War’ album digital booklet photo EXO EXO K D.O D.O. 170718 exo im exo k im do im album:the war comeback:War