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Who says love just about feeling? Who says that love can’t be measured? That means you haven’t read much article in Infinity Love! Love actually can be calculated and is…

Before she found that I was in love with someone else, she used to do some stuff that questioned my heart why I was not noticing the beauty and actions in her. Smart she was, beautify beyond doubt .

As a woman who “chased” by many men, it seems that women are aware the differences of gentleman in the way they get women. There are some cool and not…

When you're in love, you start to suppose the one you love is specified. The belief is coupled with an incapability to suppose romantic passion f.

ideAccording to statistics in 2005, one of the 10 families who divorced caused by an affair. Another study conducted by Dr. Boyke mention that there are 4 out of 5…

From sex prolonging your life to sex toys making a naughty appearance on the power lines of Oregan, these are our favourite sex stories in the news this week!

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