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A supersonic life: The story of Concorde Alpha Foxtrot

As it moves into its new home in an aviation museum in Bristol, England, take a look back at the amazing life of the last Concorde to be built.

When working for W.D. & H.O. Wills, was a job for life

image above: The main source of employment in Bedminster in the 1920s and 1930s was W.D. & H.O. Wills. The aim of thousands of Bedminster children who left school in the twenties and thirties was to find employment with one of the major Bristol firms. Top of the list was W.D. & H.O. Wills, followed by Robinson’s, Mardon’s and Fry’s. Wills was the largest employer of local labour and to obtain work at one of their factories ‘set you up for life, as long as you kept your nose clean. The…

Ashton rail bridge Bristol 1960s

The Ashton rail bridge when Bristol still had a full working railway system. Ashton Gate railway station was a railway station serving an area of Bristol, England, which included Ashton Gate football ground, the home ground of Bristol City F.C.. It was located on the Portishead Railway. Opened by the Great Western Railway, the station closed due to economies during the First World War. It then passed on to the Western Region of British Railways on nationalisation in 1948. It was then closed…

1999 Changing Face of Bristol's Centre

Developments in the City Centre, picture taken from the window of a 3rd floor office in Broad Quay House.

1946 Winston Churchill, Bristol

Delighted crowds gave Sir Winston Churchill a rousing welcome when he became Chancellor of Bristol University on 21st June 1946, and the camera captured the moment for posterity as he approached the Great Door, followed by his daughter Mary and accompanied by the Vice-Chancellor Philip Morris (afterwards Sir Philip). By that time the war had been over for a year, but the great wartime hero who had promised Britain little more than ‘blood, sweat and tears’ still had great pulling power; his…

Wills Tobacco Girls, Bedminster, Bristol

"Will's Girls" on the Bedminster assembly line, Wills style - Hundreds of women and girls pause for a moment from cigar making to smile for the camera in the factory where they were guaranteed a job for life - It was the place everyone wanted to work. (also very handy if you were a smoker?).

'The End of the Car Lines' Knowle, Bristol

2 trams, one with a destination of Hanham & the other to Bristol Bridge are seen near to the Red Lion in Knowle c1935. The phrase - 'The End of the Car Lines' - persisted in Knowle, among older residents, until at least the end of the century.

HM Prison, Horfield, Bristol

The Corporation bought an area of land at Horfield Gardens in preparation for building a new prison - in those days each city had to pay and run its own prisons. Horfield Prison, first opened in 1883, holds around 603 prisoners. Bristol was an ‘execution prison’, a place where judicial executions were carried out. There were 14 executions at the prison, the last one being on the 17th of December 1963, when Russell Pascoe was hanged for the murder of William Rowe during a robbery. Pascoe’s…

St. George Park, Bristol

(date unknown) The Drinking Fountain. The Higher Grade School on the right.

Christmas 1958, College Green, Bristol

An image to remind us, perhaps, of the simple, uncommercialised Christmases of our childhood, when the festive season meant rather more than parties and presents.

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