Pre-Algebra Worksheets

Embark upon our pre-algebra worksheets, a precursor to the core concept, and get used to handling factors, fractions, integers, decimals, percent, ratio…
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Least Common Multiple LCM
Learn how to find the Least Common Multiple or LCM of two and three numbers by listing out the multiples, identifying the common multiples, and then figuring out the lowest common multiple of them all.
the worksheet for an evantizing logaris using power rules is shown
Evaluating Logarithmic Expressions Worksheets
Evaluating Logarithms Using Power Rule
the worksheet for combining logaric expressions
Logarithm Worksheets
Condense each Expression into a Single Logarithm
the worksheet for logarizing and graphing linears in two different ways
Logarithmic Equations Worksheets
Solve for x - Level 1
worksheet for logarium form and exponent form
Logarithm Worksheets
Logarithmic and Exponential Form
the unit rate worksheet for students to practice their reading skills and writing numbers
Proportions Worksheets
Rates and Unit Rates
the addition worksheet for adding fractions to two digit numbers is shown in this image
Proportions Worksheets
Solving Proportions
the properties of proportion worksheet is shown in this image, which includes two numbers and
Proportions Worksheets
Identifying Proportions
the worksheet for creating proportions with numbers
Proportions Worksheets
Forming Proportions
the worksheet for adding and subming numbers to tables with pictures on them
Proportions Worksheets
Determining the Constant of Proportionality
subtracting like fractions worksheet with two numbers and one missing number
Subtracting Fractions from Whole Numbers Worksheets
Subtracting Fractions from Whole Numbers
subtracting worksheet with fractions and numbers to help students learn addition skills
Subtracting Unlike Fractions Worksheets
Subtracting Unlike Fractions
worksheet for subtracting fractions and adding fraction to the number line
Subtracting Unit Fractions Worksheets
Subtracting Unit Fractions
subtracting like fractions worksheet with two numbers and one missing number
Subtracting Like Fractions (Same Denominators) Worksheets
Subtracting Like Fractions
subtracting mixed numbers like denomints worksheet
Subtracting Fractions Worksheets
Subtracting Mixed Numbers with Like Denominators