Hijab Fashion

Hijab /henna beauty of a muslimah mashaAllah. colored Henna very pretty!

Hijab fashion

I like how the folds/pleats cover the crotch area. Fashion and function combined.

dian pelangi ... hijab fashion

Islamic women have lately begun putting on Hijab modern fashion in raising figures as part of an upsurge in faith based perception. The new need for modesty,

Hijab Fashion 2012

I adore complicated headdresses, wraps and turbans. While not the height of current belly dance style, I love this look.


Hijab Fashion Styles For Modern Women 2012 is a fashion trend that many in the interest of Muslims, the veil became popular among women because of the hijab they will look more graceful and feminine.

itang yunasz hijab fashion

Islamic wear designer Itang Yunasz