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Here are other shoe organizers. I really like the Lazy Susan/Lazy Shoe Zen design. It wouldn't be hard to DIY and you could make it as tall as you want.I would have the shoes facing the other way so I could see the fronts of them.


Living room interior design idea This living room is very modern and it features modern finishes like the cement like wall and a lavish white sofa and modernist furniture- coffee table, TV console and a very eye catching curved bookshelf.

20 creative space saving ideas for home - The Grey Home

We've used a similar corner shelving unit to create space in a small 7 by 9 ft room. It's a great, easy shelving solution for small spaces (although installing it was a bit tricky as the walls weren't plumb.

New twist on the Murphy Bed

TreeHugger has shown many ways to hide the bed; most are designed to gain more space. But the Red Nest by Paul Coudamay doesn't; the bed is still there taking up space, but is hidden by the sliding bookcase.