Malaysian Sweet Potato Doughnuts (Kuih Keria)

These actually made it to the Top 9 on Foodbuzz. Scabs and all! Thank you Foodbuzz community :) Happy Buzzday. I remember sugar scabs b.

Kue Putu  ~ Putu cake is a kind of Indonesian food in the form of a cake that contains brown sugar and grated coconut.

Ingredients: 250 g rice flour 225 cc of hot boiling water ½ teaspoon salt 150 gr palm sugar, thinly slices 100 gr grated coconut 1 tsp of pandan food coloring flavour

Cucur Badak/ sweet potato with spicy coconut filling | From My Lemony Kitchen ....

Sweet Potato dough with Spicy Coconut Filling recipe. It also known as cucur badak in Malaysia. Malaysian favourite snack of sweet potato dumplings with spicy coconut fillings.

Table for 2.... or more: Kuih Tako - Kuih Week # 3

Recipe recreated in September 2011 One of my favourites. If you have an big bush of pandan and don& know how to use it up, make this.


PULUT INTI recipe by mummy cha ING. 2 cups of glutinous rice cups of water 2 tbsp sugar 1 tbsp cooking oil salt to taste .

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