Oh Cas


Intorverts: RDJ in our minds, Cas IRL. In our heads we're funny and witty and charismatic. In real life we're like, "This isn't funny, Dean.

Pixar and Marvel Parallels. That last one gives me great agony.

Pixar and Marvel Parallels. That last one gives me great agony. <<< that was uncalled for. very uncalled for.


OTPs trying to build IKEA furniture. I don't ship Destiel, and John and Sherlock are a brotp, but this is funny

So much yes. I laughed for about 10 seconds at this.

Born knowing your soulmates name. 'How am I supposed to find someone named Sherlock?' 'What the f*ck kind of name is Castiel?' /// Neither a Johnlock or a Destiel shipper but it's still funny

I hear there's an anime about an attack on titans that swim to be free idk

Secretly there like long lost cousins or something, both descending from a very ragey man. << Lol yes XD Haru & Eren - Free! & Attack on Titan

haikyuu x kuroko no basket... I am ashamed of myself... I'm shorter than Nishinoya...

haikyuu x kuroko no basket. I am ashamed of myself. I'm shorter than Nishinoya. << dont be ashamed!

oh coulson..... and hey supernatural nice to see you

Just a reminder that they've used the names Stark and Banner on the show now as well. Although my main fandom is Supernatural, I'm also an Avengers/Science Bros fangirl so yeah.I kinda flipped when they met :D


God and Gabriel interviewing deadpool in hello kitty and my neighbour totoro hats.your argument can go screw itself<<< i think god is wearing a totoro jacket

Free! + Last Airbender ~ Haruka Nanase meets the gang

free/atla<<< you have to do it forever Haru will never leave. You shouldn't have agreed to make a water loop. Avatar and Free!

Supernatural avengers

We also need Crowley as Ultron, Abadon as Thanos, Gabriel as Loki, And the ghost facers as the gaurdians of the galaxy!