Oh Cas


In our heads we're funny and witty and charismatic. In real life we're like, "This isn't funny, Dean." Haha iron man and supernatural together (:

Pixar and Marvel Parallels. That last one gives me great agony.

Pixar and Marvel Parallels. That last one gives me great agony. <<< that was uncalled for<<< Omg BUCKY>>>> *cries*

.i thought it was about supernatural too...then the sherlock thing and i was like ''superwholock?'' then moriarty and ''oh...''

Screaming internally due to Sherlock/ Supernatural feels.


OTPs trying to build IKEA furniture. (This is great 'cause I ship all of these and Phan is my OTP and I just can't even right now)

So much yes. I laughed for about 10 seconds at this.

Born knowing your soulmates name. 'How am I supposed to find someone named Sherlock?' 'What the f*ck kind of name is Castiel?' /// Neither a Johnlock or a Destiel shipper but it's still funny

Anime crossover | Kuroko no Basket x Haikyuu!!

Haikyuu and kuroko no basket mash up

I hear there's an anime about an attack on titans that swim to be free idk

Swimming Titans Heheheheh especially funny since I love both.<< please somebody draw a Titan swimming in a pool with those too staring in awe!

This perfectly describes superwholock.

I don't watch Supernatural, but this makes me smile. (gif)>>> if you don't watch Supernatural you're what we in the Fandom called wrong!

haikyuu x kuroko no basket... I am ashamed of myself... I'm shorter than Nishinoya...

haikyuu x kuroko XD

oh coulson..... and hey supernatural nice to see you

Just a reminder that they've used the names Stark and Banner on the show now as well. Although my main fandom is Supernatural, I'm also an Avengers/Science Bros fangirl so yeah.I kinda flipped when they met :D

I laughed a great deal more than I should have.

Fannibals are slowly becoming that weird, creepy friend.


God and Gabriel interviewing deadpool in hello kitty and my neighbour totoro hats.your argument can go screw itself <<< Actually it's Danger Bottom and Kodpiece interviewing Deadpool. I can't see any Rich or Rob in this picture.

Jensen Ackles / Tom Hiddleston | 18 Celebrity Morph Combinations That Are Stunningly Perfect

Jensen Ackles / Tom Hiddleston

Jensen Ackles / Tom Hiddleston morph - I can't handle this

Free! + Last Airbender ~ Haruka Nanase meets the gang

+ Last Airbender ~ Haru meets the gang


The Jungle Book and Black Panther