"Be strong, I whispered to my wifi signal" 50 Best Hilarious Quote Pictures

Let's see there's Sam, Dean, Cass, Henry/Denny, pretty much everyone from GA, and book charcters from all the series I love

They are just better than real guys so I will. there are a few exceptions of course but i will obsess over them just as much!


I am an Author and I've been stalking people who has the best stories with character developments


"This went through my mind today when my friend thought that I was in a gang. Then my other friend said that I was to nice to be in a gang. Then I instantly thought THIS^^" xDDD

Yeah, Gandalf! You better show up!

It's all up to you, Gandalf. The fandoms: The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings I rly wish I went to camp half-blood thou

Is it bad that I saw Doctor and thought it was the Doctor from Doctor Who? I think I'm going to die from feels...

Kidnapped by 5sos part 4!

*dramatic music* <-- When I read "Doctor", the first thing I thought of was Doctor Who. ahhhhh, such is the fandom life.


Well that's rude. My Sherlolly AND Johnlock AND Mythea AND Destiel feels.<--So many Destiel feels

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is literally the best thing this is possibly the best thing the Fandoms has ever made!!"

Royals - Lorde (fangirl edition)<----fandoms need me, my books need me

Such true! Much right.

Lol haha funny pics / pictures / Johnny Depp / Pirates Of The Caribbean / Captain Jack Sparrow / SO TRUE, but not Mom though

I can't.

I can't. The song 'you are my sunshine' with Will and NICO and them slow dancing and they know that they're going to die and yet Will is singing in Nico's ear and they're both holding each other. Then they worry about Gaea and ol' Dirt face dies.

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Tumblr Tuesday 9-22


My notp is sherlolly (makes my blood boil) and my otp is johnlock (the best ever! Makes my heart sing)