Lusiana Haris

Lusiana Haris

a dreamer, a backpacker traveler, an internet junker, an onepiece lover, an onlineshopper maniac, a colossal movie fanatics, I hums a different tune, simply ext
Lusiana Haris
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glacial lake slovenia

Lake Bled - Glacial lake located in the northwestern Slovenia. It is one of the popular tourist destination. The lake lies in a beautiful picturesque

kalanasiya beach socotra *__*

Socotra - a mysterious world. The island of myths and legends." Is an island 250 km from

stunning.... shhhhh *owyhee river*

Owyhee River, Owyhee River Wilderness, Idaho Photograph by Michael Melford, National Geographic, aerial support from Lighthawk Nature and Weather Photos 120 miles protected in Oregon since 1984 and more since miles protected in Idaho since 2009

Check out John Dee on ReverbNation

Alternative music, lyrics, and videos from ID on ReverbNation

Beautiful unique waterfall in a forest nature by Sandra

Bigar Cascade Falls situated in Caras-Severin, Romania. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in this country, very unique on the way the water is spread and fall, in thiny shred of water. The waterfall is exactly on 45 Paralel which is unique again.