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This's my new year card In Japan, The card is presented on January It is called "Nenga-jyo". This is a picture for my Nenga-jyo! New Year Card 2011

Sasuke e Itachi

Sasuke e Itachi


My Pain was ready to be shown. Actually I really love him as much as I love also Naruto or Gaara. They had been feeling so much pain in their. World doesn't know what true pain is

Itachi Uchiha art

absurdres animal bird cloak cowboy_shot crow forehead_protector hand_on_headwear hat highres jewelry konohagakure_symbol looking_at_viewer male_focus naruto necklace red_eyes rice_hat ring sharingan solo uchiha_itachi yoneyu

Itachi Uchiha shown here with a samurai katana about to attack. Itachi is not often shown with a sword. That weapon is usually used by his little brother Sasuke.