BATIK of Javanese [Indonesian] origin | Batik is Indonesian Culture!!!

BATIK of Javanese [Indonesian] origin is melted wax applied to cotton cloth. In Yogyakarta , I watched fascinated as tradition.

Gilded Jacobean patterned paper from Italy

Gilded Jacobean patterned Christmas paper from Italy ~ perfect for decoupage, book binding or crafts Mehr

Batik dengan motif burung sawunggaling (ayam jantan, berasal dari mitos Jawa) karya Go Tik Swan, 1964, koleksi Iwan Tirta.

Batik is one of Indonesian national wealth we are very proud. Moreover, since UNESCO declared Indonesian Batik as one of the world's cultural wealth. We are proud and love Batik Indonesia. Let's continue to be proud and wear Batik Indonesia.

46. SEMEN KLEWER, Surakarta

46. SEMEN KLEWER, Surakarta

☮ American Hippie Art Pattern Design Wallpaper ~ Batik - Plant Motif

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