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Udupi Kulkarni
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.SRI KRISHNA and the holy cow.

CC Madhya — “In the spiritual realm of Vṛndāvana, Kṛṣṇa is the spiritual, ever-fresh Cupid. He is worshiped by the chanting of the Kāma-gāyatrī mantra, with the spiritual seed klīm.

Rāma and Sīta with attendants, Hanuman,Lakṣmaṇa with caption. Ramayana, Gouache on paper,     Rajasthan School, ca. 1790-1810

Rāma and Sīta with attendants, Hanuman, & Lakṣmaṇa with caption. Gouache on paper. Date (circa)

Ganesh ji rangoli

Today I am sharing with you a Rangoli design for diwal, Rangoli Design Patterns and Diwali Rangoli Photos. Pictures of Rangoli with Flower, rangoli design for diwali