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Ryu Jun Yeol Joins Cast of New Drama “Lucky Romance” | Koogle TV

Ryu Jun Yeol // So, I loved him as Jung Hwan and really cannot wait to see him in more dramas. Its so hard to believe this was his first role, he seems like such a seasoned actor ♥

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Ryu Jun Yeol - Marie Claire Magazine February Issue ‘16

Ryu Jun Yeol for Marie Claire Korea February Photographed By Kim Young Joon

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[Photos] Ryu Jun-yeol, a man who stimulates your love cells @ HanCinema :: The Korean Movie and Drama Database

[Photos] Ryu Jun-yeol, a man who stimulates your love cells

[PHOTO] Ryu Jun Yeol for UWeekly (Singaporean Magazine), July 2016 issue A man more beautiful than the flowers ♥ Eyes On RYU will post HD scans and the interview translations too! Please wait ♥ for

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