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a brown duffle bag with an angry bird on it
Hooty Duffle Bag Duffel Bag by sunsandstars
an info sheet describing the different types of items used in this project and how to use them
the legos are all different colors and sizes
The elements of the ninjas
a map of the united states with regions labeled in red, yellow, and blue
Mental Map of the Midwest, from St. Louis - NextSTL
the field trip ideas list is shown
100 Field Trip Ideas for Homeschoolers {Free Printable} | Sallie Borrink
fraction worksheet with numbers and fractions on the same page, including two different colors
Numbers in Words – 1-10 – One Worksheet / FREE Printable Worksheets
the first grade helper worksheet with pictures and words
Writing Helper | First grade writing, Kindergarten writing, First grade classroom
Helper deskplate i will totally put this on next year's communication folders to help students at home in the evenings!
the ultimate unit study planner is shown in blue and white, with text overlaying it
Unit Study Planner - One Beautiful Home
The perfect Unit Study Planner!! I love how simple and concise this is while being so useful!!
worksheet for the days of the week with pictures and words to help students learn
Spelling Days of the Week / Search Results / FREE Printable Worksheets