Cool ideas for sofa upholstery.

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Looking for cool ideas on material and fabric design for sofas? Well, you're in the right place...

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How much do I love grey upholstery, it comes in so many shades and if used right, always looks good...Robert from

Just another shout out to anyone who lives in Los Angeles and would like a great upholstery job done on their sofa at a price they can smile about...Robert from

When strength is needed, a dark grey fabric with just the right texture can't be beat...Robert from

A good eye for fabric choices makes this classic sofa an eye catcher...Robert from

Great example of how an antique piece can have a new life as a contemporary piece with the right upholstery job...Robert from

Once again, you just can't beat the elegance of the right fabric with the right sofa. Love it...Robert from

Really liked this sofa, it's right in our wheel house, that's why we also put it on our home page (check out our website)...Robert from

This is a classic for a more rustic decor. Adds lots of charm to a pretty standard sofa...Robert from

Sometimes it's best to just keep it clean and simple with your fabric choices. This couch just sings...elegance...Robert from

Just a little shout out to anybody who needs to get their house in shape for the holidays...Robert from

Love the clean lines of this sofa, and the choice of fabric. Good taste never goes out of style...Robert from