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a red and white quilt sitting on top of a floor next to a potted plant
Plaidalicious PDF pattern
the book cover shows a blue and green quilt on a bench with trees in the background
Modern quilting fabric for the sassy modern quilter
the colorful bird is flying through the air
“Genesis” Wall Hanging, a Free Quilt Pattern
a purple and white quilt with a heart on the center, in front of a blue background
Honeymoon Heart Bargello Quilt Spiral Notebook by renatagreene
a green leaf floating on top of a body of water with ripples in it
a quilted wall hanging with many different colored crayons on it and an orange border
ALL NEW Quilt Patterns
a table top with a blue and brown quilt on it's center piece, sitting on a wooden table
a patchwork quilt on the grass with butterflies and flowers in different colors, including red, orange, yellow, green
Butterfly Quilt CIPEB
a quilt with flowers on it and the words notting hill in front of it
a quilted table runner with leaves and circles on the edge, sitting on a kitchen counter
a quilted wall hanging in the grass with an orange fish on it's side
sewing quilt patterns