Secrets Behind Praying on Time - Interesting, but there is no references about the explanation with the energies so ... maybe should check the website


Secrets Behind Praying on Time.Although I'm not Muslim/ Islamic, I understand this & see its benefits. We should all pray more & on time, consistently

Dark. I love this. Looks so comfy

Fashion's Most Wanted: Sexy daybed canopy play thing. Sexy and seductive bedrooms and interior design to seduce!

The Fiqh of Marriage

The Fiqh of Marriage. Marriage in Islam I do want to point out that the bit about divorce is for men only is inaccurate and should be changed by the creator of this infographic. Islam permits both men and women to initiate divorce and there are several in

I need to be reminded of this every day.

mybeautyishijab: “ Difficult times are meant to bring you closer to the Almighty. So if you’re having a rough day or tough month, be calm. Let His Plan unfold.

Ya Allah plzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ya Allah fill my heart with YOUR love and remove from my heart all worldly love !Coz YA ALLAH YOUR love is Forever and love of people is temporary!

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Allah Akbar this beautiful deen of Allah Swt

The Five Pillars:acts of worship every Muslim must perform; these include believe, prayer, charity, fasting and pilgrimage

The broken heart

May Allah (swt) put an end to your sadness, may He put a smile on your face.