Beautiful Islamic Quotes - My success can only come from Allah | Holy Quran 11:88

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true! As to all of those thight jeans and tops worn with a headscarf..this is not hijab!

As to all of those thight jeans and tops worn with a headscarf.this is not hijab!

25 Prophets Alaihis'salam Mentioned In The Quran. From the beginning of times, the one thing that Allah Almighty ensured for the guidance of mankind was the sending of Prophets. Every civilization of this world received a Prophet who brought the message of Allah Almighty to the people and showed them the right path. The process of sending of Prophets completed with Muhammad (PBUH) who is the final Prophet of Allah Almighty and after Him there will be no other Prophet. The lines below discuss…

25 Prophets of Allah mentioned in the Quran Subhanallah it is best ever poster that is enhance your knowing regard 25 prophet of Allah

So eat of the lawful and good food which allah has provided for you. And be grateful for the graces of allah, if it is he whom you worship.

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