Satay Ayam, Saveur - Chicken satay

Satay Ayam (Chicken Satay)

Satay Ayam (Chicken Satay) This recipe is adapted from Cradle of Flavor (W. Norton, by SAVEUR editor-in-chief James Oseland. This recipe first appeared in our May 2011 issue, with the article The World of Satay.

kue putu

Ingredients: 250 g rice flour 225 cc of hot boiling water ½ teaspoon salt 150 gr palm sugar, thinly slices 100 gr grated coconut 1 tsp of pandan food coloring flavour

Cucur Udang (Malaysian Prawn Fritters)

Cucur Udang (Prawn Fritters) Recipe

Kue Nastar, Indonesian Pineapple Cookies

Kue Nastar, Indonesian Pineapple Cookies - mom loves this! Make it when she visits

Soto ayam

Soto ayam (indonesian chicken soup - there's like 10 different kind of herbs/ingredients for the soup alone!

Kue Putu

Traditional Indonesian sweets - Kue Putu -- steamed cakes filled with palm sugar syrup inside :-)

Kue Lapis fom Indonesia

Multilayered Butter Cake (Lapis Legit) Ingredients - or 30 egg yolks - g butter, whipped or.

kue mangkok - indonesian brown sugar cupcakes

kue mangkok - indonesian brown sugar cupcakes: Definitely worth trying ❤❤❤

Sambal Udang Kering

For the longest time, I have been telling everyone that one of my culinary resolution for the year is to bake bread. I have finally succeeded baking a very soft sweet bun and the reason I.

Opor ayam. Lontong. Krupuk. Heaven.

chicken opor and crackers!

Ayam Penyet

Ayam Penyet (Penyet Chicken) is a type of dish that will make your tongue feel like burning. It's so spicy that when you have the first bite, you will want some more of that spiciness.