Klepon - Sweet Rice Balls Stuffed with Coconut Sugar

Klepon - Sweet Rice Balls Stuffed with Palm Sugar - Indonesian food


Bakso 1 kg minced flank beef 200 – chicken breast 7 cloves of garlic (sliced and fried) 1 tsp fried onion 1 egg 300 gr tapioca flour salt and pepper very cold water

Ayam Kalasan

Cooking With Love: Ayam Goreng Kalasan

Sate Padang

Sate Padang is a saté that has curry base sauce. It consists similarity to Minangese rendang spices, turmeric leaves and other spices.

BATAGOR (INDONESIAN FOOD). consist of fried tofu, potatoes, some kind of fried dimsum and pored with peanut spicy sauce

Indonesian Batagor (recipe in native language)

Sambal Goreng Udang

Vanilla Lash: VIDEO: Sambal Goreng Udang & Petai (Spicy Sauteed Shrimps with Potatoes & Stinky Beans)

Soto mie (Indonesian food)

Special noodle food from west java indonesia. Rich broth, chewy noodle, big chunks of beef, and special spring roll mix together in one bowl.



Kepiting saos padang (crab with chili sauce)

Kepiting saos padang (crab with chili sauce)-indonesian food

Martabak Manis

Martabak Manis Coklat Keju (Sweet Martabak with Chocolate and Cheese) - or what we call it in Surabaya, Terang Bulan

Fried Rice

Nasi Goreng Daging

Nasi Goreng Daging « Ang Sarap (A Tagalog word for "It's Delicious")

Chicken Satay, Indonesian food

Chicken Satay, Indonesian food with peanut sauce

Kangkung. Indonesian spinach. I know, who likes spinach? Well, anyone that tastes this kind. SO GOOD.

Stir Fry Water Spinach (Oseng Kangkung) from Indonesia

Urap-urap Sayur

Urap-urap sayur, cooked vegetables with spiced grated coconut

Es Pisang Ijo (Indonesian Food) banana wrapped rice flour with sweet sauce

Es Pisang Ijo (Indonesian Food) You guys really have to try it at least once in your lifetime! You must not miss this beautiful one! Feel the sweetness and the creamy sauce that will refresh you!

kolak biji salak - indonesian food desert

kolak biji salak (sweet chewy balls with coconut sauce) - indonesian food desert