Nasi Lemak Lover: Easy Sweet Sambal with Gula Melaka

You might thought that i did not like nasi lemak anymore since you did not see me cook nasi lemak so frequently. In fact, we are still .

Muar Chee recipe - One of the popular sweet snacks found in Penang and other places in Malaysia, muar chee are often sold by roadside stalls or mobile hawkers. The set up is pretty simple: steamed glutinous rice paste and ground peanut mixture in a container. #malaysian

Muar Chee

Muar Chee, Malaysian sticky rice balls coated with sugar, ground roasted peanuts, and sesame seeds.

Sambal Tuktuk

Sambal Tuktuk 1 tablespoon andaliman seasalt to taste 1 teaspoon fresh squeezed calamansi juice cup dried anchovies, slightly toasted 10 long red cayenne pepper 5 Thai red pepper 3 shallots (use shallots if you use a smaller size one), peeled 2 candlenuts