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Vegan Guacamole with Spiced Tortilla Chips Vegan Guacamole, Small Plates Recipes, Vegan Dip Recipes, Vegan Blt Sandwich, Making Potato Salad, Vegan Easter Recipes, Pizza Bread Recipe, Vegan Drinks Recipes, Vegan Starters
Vegan Guacamole with Spiced Tortilla Chips
Guacamole is always delicious, but it tastes even better when it’s homemade! Served with seasoned, baked tortilla chips, this vegan guacamole is a perfect snack or side dish. Creamy avocado with fresh red chilli and a twist of lime make a flavourful dip to accompany a range of vegan Mexican recipes.
Vegan Arancini with Broad Beans, Peas and Coconut ‘Bacon’ Vegan Arancini, Coconut Bacon Vegan, Italian Feast, Creamy Risotto, Wine Yeast, Coconut Bacon, Broad Beans, Vegan Coconut, White Miso
Vegan Arancini with Broad Beans, Peas and Coconut ‘Bacon’
With a rich, creamy risotto coated in crisp panko breadcrumbs, these vegan arancini make a great starter or side dish. They’re filled with sweet peas and broad beans, and enriched with the umami flavours of garlic, nutritional yeast and miso. The vegan coconut bacon adds a satisfying crunch and deep, smoky flavour to this Italian appetiser. With this step-by-step guide, you’ll be making delicious vegan arancini like a pro!
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Vegan Teriyaki Tempeh with Satay Dip Teriyaki Tempeh, Vegan Teriyaki, Ckd Diet, Party Finger Food, Tempeh Recipe, Vegan Chilli, Meat Replacement, Hearty Vegetable Soup, Tempeh Recipes
Vegan Teriyaki Tempeh with Satay Dip
This vegan teriyaki tempeh recipe is a great way to introduce yourself, and your friends and family, to tempeh. The teriyaki sauce is sweet and sticky, and the satay dip balances the flavours well, making it a satisfying dish that can be served as a starter or as party finger food.
Vegan Chilli Cheeseburger Nachos Cheeseburger Nachos, Melted Cheese Sauce, Vegan Beef, Corn Tortilla Chips, Nancy Sinatra, Juicy Tomatoes, Cheese Sauce, Melted Cheese
Fully Loaded Vegan Chilli Cheeseburger Nachos
Nancy Sinatra’s boots were made for walking, but these vegan Chilli Cheeseburger Nachos were made for sharing! These fully-loaded vegan chilli cheeseburger nachos combine two of the most delicious comfort food dishes into a flavour-packed sensation that will tantalise your taste buds.This scrumptious dish features layers of crispy tortilla chips, burger pieces, zesty jalapeños, juicy tomatoes, tangy gherkins, and perfectly melted cheese sauce made from a blend of cashews and potatoes.
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Vegan Jalapeño Mac and Cheese Balls Mac And Cheese Balls, Jalapeno Mac And Cheese, Mac N Cheese Balls, Pickled Jalapeños, Bacon Crisps, Vegan Party Food, Vegan Party, Easy Salsa, Vegan Bacon
Vegan Jalapeño Mac and Cheese Balls
These Mac and Cheese Balls are not your average snack! With a flavourful crumb made of vegan ‘frazzle’ crisps and plenty of spice from pickled jalapeños, this is an irresistible finger food!
Vegan Beetroot Jerky Vegan Breadsticks, Healthy Low Calorie Snacks, Vegan Jerky, Low Calorie Vegan, Jerky Recipes, Healthy Snack Options, Snack Options, Quick Easy Snacks, Healthy Snack
Vegan Beetroot Jerky
This vegan jerky is made from beetroot so makes a great low-calorie healthy snack, with a savoury flavour and a nice chew similar to traditional jerky. Unlike traditional jerky, which is often high in saturated fat and cholesterol, this beetroot jerky is low in fat and completely cholesterol-free, making it a healthier snack option.
Vegan Spinach & Tofu Filo Parcels Essen, Filo Parcels, Spinach Tofu, Filo Pastry Recipes, Vegan Spinach, Vegan Pie, Work Meals, Vegan Living, Creamy Spinach
Vegan Spinach & Tofu Filo Parcels
Try your hand at making these incredibly moreish vegan filo parcels with a smooth and creamy spinach and tofu filling. They're perfect for a light vegan lunch or a tasty snack.
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Smoked Vegan Mackerel and Horseradish Pâté Vegan Pate, Mackerel Pate, Pate Recipes, Banana Blossom, Nori Seaweed, Smoked Fish, Vegan Banana, Pickle Relish
Smoked Vegan Mackerel and Horseradish Pâté
This vegan pate is a great alternative to traditional mackerel pate. The banana blossom adds a wonderfully moreish texture, whilst the liquid smoke and nori create a lovely smoked-fish-style flavour.
Carrot and Cashew Pâté Vegan Starter, Sweet Carrots, Healthy Summer Snacks, Quick Vegan, Garlic And Ginger, Sweet Carrot
Carrot and Cashew Pâté
This carrot and cashew pâté is a blend of creamy cashew nuts, naturally sweet carrots, and fresh-tasting seasonings like garlic and ginger. Our vegan carrot and cashew pâté is ideal as a starter or kept in the fridge to use as a quick vegan snack.
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Cashew Hummus with pitta bread Chickpeas, Vegan Snacks, Cashew Hummus Recipe, Cashew Hummus, Pitta Bread, Post Workout Snacks, Cashew Nut, Hummus Recipe, Rich In Protein
Cashew Hummus
Typically made with chickpeas, we’ve switched them out for cashews to make a vegan cashew hummus that is both energy-boosting and rich in protein and iron.
a red and white plate topped with fried mac n cheese nuggets
Vegan Spicy Fried Mac ‘N’ Cheese Nuggets
What could be better than mac ‘n’ cheese? Deep-fried balls of mac ‘n’ cheese of course! Coated in a crispy breadcrumb coating, these spicy fried vegan mac ‘n’ cheese nuggets are so moreish you’ll find them impossible to resist.They’re fantastic finger food for parties and a real hit with kids and grown-ups alike.
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the cover of an easy guide to making crispy courgette crostini
Quick & Easy Crispy Courgette Crostini
Crostini are perfect for a light vegan snack or a quick and easy vegan starter for a dinner party. Our quick and easy courgette crostini recipe combines fresh-tasting ingredients that make the perfect vegan appetiser.
Quick & Easy Salsa Bean Dip Vegan Bean Dip, Aduki Beans, Vegan Salsa, Bean Dip Recipe, Vegan Bean, Bean Dip Recipes, Easy Vegan Lunch
Quick & Easy Salsa Bean Dip
This quick and easy salsa bean dip recipe with fresh coriander and aduki beans is delicious served with nachos for a healthy vegan snack. The quick and easy vegan bean dip can also be made into an easy vegan lunch when put in a wrap or on a jacket potato and sprinkled with vegan cheese. Simply serve with a side salad for a nutritious and tasty vegan lunch.
how to make vegan faux gras with bread and butter on the side
Vegan Faux Gras - How to Make Vegan Foie Gras
This vegan faux gras recipe made with tofu and cashew nuts has a luxurious texture and delicate flavour. With its subtle, smokey flavour, this vegan foie gras is superb spread thickly on a slice of freshly baked bread.
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