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a white plate topped with food on top of a wooden table next to a fork
Resep Udang Krispi Saus Telur Asin By @dianayupuspitasari
Resep Udang Krispi Saus Telur Asin By @dianayupuspitasari - Di tempat makan seafood, udang krispi kalau di masak pakai saus telur asin harganya jadi naik kelas. Iya ga sih? Jadi mahal banget . Padahal kalau bikin sendiri bisa dapet porsi jumbo itu. Saya disini ga pakai bumbu banyak-banyak ya. Karna bagi saya telur asin tuh sudah cukup gurih dan bikin sedap. Plus dulu pernah ngintip di resto yang open kitchen eeh ternyata cuma pakai bawang putih aja. Resep Udang Krispi Saus Telur Asin By @dianayu
korean bibimba sauce in a bowl with spoons
Spicy Korean Bibimbap Sauce
This mildy spicy sauce is a condiment for Korean tacos, bibimbap rice bowls, and other Korean dishes. The primary ingredient is gochujang (or kochujang), a Korean red pepper paste that is a staple in Korean cooking.
Puff Pastry Decorations 4 Ways
Puff Pastry Decorations 4 Ways
an image of a conversation chart on a cell phone with other items in the background
Baking Conversion Charts - JavaCupcake
Free Printable Baking Conversion Charts - Measurements & Temperatures |
the instructions for how to cut a recipe in half with pictures and text on it
An Indispensable Guide To Cutting Recipes In Half
This is an excellent guide to keep visible in the kitchen to reference while cooking.
the different types of teas that are in each cup and on top of each other
Morning Detox tea recipes for healthy body and glowing skin - THE INDIAN SPOT
Specific tea recipes to cleanse specific things.
an advertisement for sugar cookies with snowmen and other holiday treats on it's side
a nod to nostalgia
Sugar Cookie Recipe Christmas 100% Cotton Flour Sack Dish Towel Tea Towel
Best way to make a smoothie…
Best way to make a smoothie…
the green smoothie poster is displayed with an image of vegetables and fruits on it
how to make a green smoothie, I tried a broccoli, apple, banana, juice/yogurt mix. Great flavor, kinda bad texture (from the broccoli) will try again, just using spinach or Kale...good how to chart #foods #recipes
the instructions for how to make a saucepan with ingredients in spanish, english and french
Printable Guide to Split Any Recipe in Half
a recipe for chocolate chip cookie in a mug
1-Minute Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Cup - IMG_8816 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
the process of making shrimp pasta is shown in four different stages, including being cooked and cooking
Penne a la Betsy!
The Pioneer Woman's Shrimp
Homemade Tortillas Naan, Entrées, Dips, Mexican Food Recipes, Tortillas De Harina
Homemade Flour Tortillas
Homemade Tortillas
the instructions for making an orange bundt cake on a white plate with yellow icing
Rotlle de pasta full amb xocolate