Popular Balinese & Indonesian food

In this page, we introduce popular local dishes, popular local warung and cooking school.

Table for 2.... or more: Ikan Gerang Asam, Nyonya Tamarind Fish - MFF Melaka #1

My first submission to Malaysian Food Fest, Melaka Month . Being the organizer, I am commited to submit minimal 3 entries per month.

Indonesian grilled steam rice (Nasi bakar rica-rica)

Uncovering the mysteries of Indonesia - Grilled aromatic rice / Nasi bakar rica-rica

Indonesian Chicken Panada recipe

this site is all about panada recipe, north sulawesi food recipe, Indonesian food recipe

Indonesian food: Nasi Liwet

Liwet rice is the typical food from Solo. Liwet rice is tasty rice (cooked with coconut) uduk like rice, served with vegetables squash, shredded chicken (chicken meat cut into small pieces) and areh (a kind of savory puree of coconut).