Veronica Juwardie

Veronica Juwardie

West Borneo / Architecture graduate
Veronica Juwardie
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Apartment 89 on Behance

We fully furnish and interior decorate new homes of domestic violence survivors and their children, exiting homeless shelters, upon completion of our seven week empowerment program.

Every home needs a bit of color. Even the most minimalist designers will include a splash of yellow, a touch of red, or a spray of leaves for their bright green

Step inside this modern home for a taste of welcoming comfort with just the right amount of bright, playful color.

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To make it big, living close to the city is often a must. Big cities hold big jobs – and the networking culture to support them. Many young couples move to fu

Confira nossa seleção com idéias e inspirações para decorar um quarto de adolescente com muito estilo e sofisticação.

Coral, turquoise and cream white.all the favorite colors for teens, and they go with each other so well and turn out to be so beautiful in this bedroom. The turquoise patterned wallpaper gives more fresh look and the window seat.Love all these!