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The problem with Minhyun is that I don’t know if I should pin him in the board Wanna One or NU’EST :”)

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parkji-hoons: “☀️☀️☀️ ” Wanna One Jisung Jaehwan Guan Lin


“Wanna One’s Comeback Show Behind The Scenes ”

Wanna One on Twitter: "Wanna One | 'Beautiful' MV POSTER Wanna One "1-1=0 (NOTHING WITHOUT YOU)" TITLE TRACK 'Beautiful' 2017.11.13 (MON) 6PM Release! https://t.co/r5ARKlnZc0"

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171129 #WANNAONE #Minhyun @MAMA 2017 in Japan performing with BoA <3

171129 #WANNAONE #Minhyun @MAMA 2017 in Japan performing with BoA <3