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Vino Hardiyanto
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"It's not about the shoes. It's about what you do in them." Michael Jordan #quote

I liked this quote but I also like swag basketball shoes. I don't like any other shoes though rather than nike Adidas under armour and great athletic brands. High tops or low top bball shoes NO highheels

Iced Tea? re-use Starbucks coffee jars... they look like vintage milk bottles

"re-use Starbucks coffee jars.Wow, I never realized they look like vintage milk bottles" --They don't. Those are not Starbucks coffee jars. Though repurposed Starbucks jars would look good too.

Infographic: Michael Jordan's playoff dominance - Yahoo! Sports #infographic #chicago #jordan

Michael Jordan by the Numbers Collaboration: Gregory Hubacek Client: Yahoo! Sports Infographic created for Yahoo! Sports coverage of Michael Jordan's birthday, showcasing numbers from his playoff career.