Vianca Shantrelle

Vianca Shantrelle

Vianca Shantrelle
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BTS front- Suga, V back- Jin, Kookie, Rapmon, Jimin, J-hope

♡Bts♡ Suga: swag V: intense rock pose lol Jin: amazed with jimin pouty lips. Jungkook: another awkward family photo. Rap monster: sexy as all hell! J-Hope: super happy to be here not anime but they're cute

BTS Fan art

I wonder if Jimin ever has a hard time reconciling this sassy disrespectful sht with the adorable kid from the pre-debut graduation MV?

Photos and videos by 【SUS】 (@10914bts) on Twitter

How can this get any cuter? Yes, this is a challenge. I challenge someone to make this cuter.