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an app designed to look like thermometers
Freedom Pods App | Neumorphic Exploration
the box operation screen is open and it's time to take off your phone
c.png by Tiger~
an image of some appliance that is on display
Quirky makes a big connected home play with the new Wink hub
Nuutri App
IoT navigation for smart home product interaction
Tars Smart Home App - Lights
the app is designed to look like it has been built into a mobile phone screen
two screens showing the home security app
Smart Sprinklers Concept
three screens showing the user's interfaces for an app that is designed to look like
VPN Application
Smart Home Application
the app is designed to look like an app for cleaning and other things that are on display
Robot Vacuum Cleaner App
two smartphones with the same screen showing an image of a smart phone and another device
Shark - Onboarding
the app design is designed to look like it could be used on an iphone or ipad
Norhart Door lock App
two mobile screens showing the living room and kitchen areas in an app designed for homeownership
Warden - Smart Interior App
two smartphones with different app screens on them, one showing an application and the other displaying
Wi-Fi Configuration (Iot) App
Wi-Fi Configuration (Iot) App by 🇮🇳Ganesh Kumar 🦄 on Dribbble