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kim jung hyun / he caught my attention in Jealousy Incarnate; he's damn cute and a promising actor indeed

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Drama School, School 2013, Drama Korea, Kim Sejeong, Couple, Korean Dramas, Asia, Kdrama, Kpop

Right now I finished watching the last ep of 학교 2017 I am crying.....can't stop my tears It was an amazing kdrama And it gave me the courage to face highschool I loved it Hope to have an amazing highschool year and to be as strong, cheerfull, happy and brave as Ra Eun Ho and Hyun Tae Woon.... Hope to have an X at my highschool This drama also made me to continue drawing and pursuing my dreams Be healthy, safe and happy!!! Thanks to the team, staff,crew and actors! Have a beautiful life…

Thank you School for the way you actually made me look forward to Mondays and Tuesdays ❤

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