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two women sitting at a table with a sign saying true friends isn't about being insepable, it's being separated & nothing changes
20 Inspiring Quotes About Friendship
quotes about friendship. This is definitely me and my best friend. We went to different high schools and we still talk at least every other day
the many faces of princesses from disney's animated movie, tangled in time
Hans' thoughts during Love Is An Open Door
I laughed a little too hard over this
a person holding a toaster over a plate with some food on it and a cup of coffee in front of them
Perfect Pat of Butter Cutter, $15
Perfect Pat of Butter Cutter, $15 | 36 Clever Gifts For Food Lovers That You'll Want To Keep For Yourself
Random Pictures Of The Day - 63 Pics Humanity Restored, Beautiful Cemeteries, Haunted Forest, Save Our Earth, Plant Trees, Faith In Humanity Restored, Picture Day, Totally Awesome, Six Feet Under
Random Pictures Of The Day - 63 Pics
Random Pictures Of The Day - 63 Pics
24 Things to Cheer You Up on the Most Depressing Day of the Year
This gif
there is a horse that has its foot on the ground with it's leg
Custom Knee & Best ACL Brace For Dogs | Splint Dog Leg | OrthoPets
Just in case!! So many vets don't even know this company exists. Please share with your friends so they can help their pets if an injury arises.
two women sitting in a boat with the caption saying, anything you can do i can
A few fun e-cards...
Anything you can do, I can do better. Unless it's being a whore. You win hands down.
a person pouring ice cream into a bowl
iSi Mini Cream Whipper | Whipped Cream Maker
iSi Mini Cream Whipper. This kitchen tool feels like a science project. Cool to use and fresh cream.
an image of a wooden casket with the words no body in red and white on it
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
I laughed way too hard at this.