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Chloe hacks Clark's twitter account! || Clark Gregg, Chloe Bennet || Twitter || #cast #humor #chloehacksclark
16 of the best bridal shower games ever, these look like so much fun! I'm definitely using these bridal shower game ideas at my sister's bridal shower!
Wedding Day Tote Bag for Sister 'No longer a Miss but always a Sis!!'…
Lately it has been really hard for Voldemort to find new Death Eaters.    So some drastic  measures had to be taken... - Unbeatable Tactic by on @DeviantArt
HP crack with Voldy! ((Right now I'm having a severe case of recurrent Tom-Riddle-obsession, so I'm gonna spam you with TR arts soon~ Please forgive me.))
Thanks for sharing @Ashley Walters Smith Humphrey love knowing you've got my back!!
Twilight vs Harry Potter -> wie konnten wir twilight bitte mögen ? :'D schlimmste message für teenager EVER! xD
Disney characters in modern clothing.
JohnDude you have to hear this! | OMG dude no way I was about to tell you something! Both on 3, ready? 1.... | 2.... | 3! | I was at the coffee shop and I put my name as 'Primrose Everdeen', but when they called the name, some douchbag stole my spotlight and took my coffee! | At the coffee shop, they called primrose everdeen, and I started screaming 'I VOLUNTEER!!!!' and took the coffee. LOL!!