Denim quilt from recycled jeans

Denim quilt from recycled jeans. I got squares cut and ended up throwing them away. I should have finished, because this is cool! But too funny ti loose.

Что можно смастерить из джинсовых швов

What a cool way to use the otherwise "Useless" seams. The sky is the limit!

Ullas Quilt World

Ullas Quilt World: Quilted pouch and bag + Cathedral window quilt bag with lace in the windows So cute - denim -looks like the quick cathedral windows pattern with raw edges that's been popular recently bolsos,Carteras,

Cute Yorkie dog bed

I think my dog would look good in one of these! Not sure where I could find pants with a large enough waist to make him one.he is much larger than this cute pup! Cute denim doggie bed (could make into a pussy cat bed)