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Have had 4 ppl the last 6 months alone say the worst things imaginable to a person, to me.. And make it known that I'm not worth a fight, and that I'm not as important as I thought. I would have taken a bullet for each of them.

why is this true? why can't the people in life understand this? do I even matter to them? I've let stuff go, but I think they've pushed it. I'm so ready to leave this fake bitches and move on in life. this summer is going to be so great

Best 44 quotes about feelings

I picked this quote because I believe that Finny felt like this when he returned to Devon. When he found out Gene was going to leave him to go to war, Finny felt hurt. He felt he wasn't as important to Gene as he thought he was.

Why I choose to ignore my feelings for you

I always say no matter time or space apart, certain folk are ALWAYS carried in my heart. Certain special folk. I love my real people!