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Indonesian recipe - Klepon - Sweet rice balls stuffed with palm sugar. Klepon are Indonesian style rice balls, stuffed with palm sugar.

Lontong & Sayur Lodeh

In Singapore, Lontong is a dish itself - where the rice roll is cut up into bite-sized pieces and served in a coconut vegetable stew;

Lontong (Indonesian Rice Cake)

Lontong (Indonesian Rice Cake) for rice replacement. Usually, it serves with chicken or beef soup

Hung kue khas Medan.

Popular Indonesian traditional cakes, the soft texture (like pudding) is produced by the combination between mung bean (hunkwe) flour and coconut milk.

[Indonesian Traditional Food] Ketan Serundeng - Sticky Rice Balls with Spicy Grated Coconut

[Indonesian Traditional Food] Ketan Serundeng - Sticky Rice Balls with Spicy Grated Coconut. I love this food since i was a child.

Indonesian Bika Ambon cake #Indonesian recipes #Indonesian cuisine #Asian recipes http://indostyles.com/

Bika Ambon is a kind of cake from Indonesia. Made from ingredients such as tapioca and sago flour, eggs, sugar and coconut milk. Looks a bit like a crumpet.

Kue putu - an Indonesian sweet coconut cake that is similar to klepon, except that it's cylindrical in shape whilst klepon is spherical.

Traditional Indonesian sweets, 'Kue Putu' -- made from rice flour with melted palm sugar fills. The sweets are made by using bamboo molds, and steamed.

Sate Padang

The best one is from Ajo Ramon in Santa Market close to my house. The satay looks super delicious.the yellow sauce is a killer.goes best with the rice cakes and the juicy grilled tounge meat - Sate Padang