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Vincentia Gladys

Vincentia Gladys
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The Pyramid Of Learning

This is the graphic our OT uses to explain that the work we do at therapy is foundational to academic, behavior, and social skills learning. Wish school people wouldn't act as the f the top of the pyramid is the whole pyramid!

An #infographic on the best 5 #eye #yoga practices for better vision. Get rid of those nerdy glasses today and live a free life

I don't know if this could actually 'improve' imperfect--or in my case, terrible--vision but I can understand a definite need for exercise of the eyes that sit boredly looking at backlit screens all day.

End of life - Being developmentally sensitive and using terms/ explainations a child will understand

Explaining death to child without making them break down and make yourself break down is very difficult to day the least so here are some tips on how to explain death to a child.

New parent? Track and share every milestone with Ovia Parenting!

New parent? Track and share every milestone with Ovia Parenting! A checklist that shows some of the milestones and actions that your baby should be doing at different ages.

10 FUN Games to Practice Self Regulation Skills (No Equipment Needed) - Your Therapy Source

10 FUN Games practice self regulation skills in children - the games require no equipment or preparation. They make great brain breaks too!

Here are five techniques to promote relaxation in your classroom - can be used for individuals, pairs, small groups or the whole class.

5 techniques to promote relaxation in your classroom. Health and wellbeing is important for everyone in the classroom, and can help build a community of practice, one with positive benefits for teachers and students alike.