"I love you with all my heart. With every day. With every heart beat. And every breath. I love you."

{open w/ Eva} I knew William had came back, but where was Chris? I was walking into school when I saw you standing at my locker with flowers in your hand. Tears form in my eyes as I walk up to you. I hug you tightly.

Having someone play with your hair. | The 27 Most Comforting Feelings In The Whole Wide World

Spending Time Together gifs gif black and white love couple love gifs love gif dance romantic gifs

¿Bullying? Un total cliché, pero te aseguro que ésta novela, debajo … #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

Bullying Cameron Dallas (BTS - BULLYING en mi perfil)

Leo (m) and libra (f) cuddling

{Bri and Cole} I was making breakfast one morning for you. It was suppose to be breakfast in bed since it was your birthday. I feel you wrap your arms around my waist, and pull me closer to you.

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"They um. they said that-" "shhh." (When Katherine hears that Max died and won't talk to anyone except for Noah)

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