Viony Phang
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Cookie Basket Made From a Paper Plate

With all the fairs, holidays, church and school events going on right now we’re smack dab in the middle of bake sale season. You know at some point you’ll have to face the bake sale table so might as Mais

Snowman Candy Bars

Your friends, family, teachers, and neighbors will LOVE these fun, easy and adorable Snowman Candy Bars DIY gift idea! And you'll love making them!

Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments

Christmas is the time of giving and receiving gifts. This Christmas, don't settle for store-bought gifts, but make your own instead, let your gifts stand out from everybody else's. To give you some inspiration, we brought you 12 of the best ideas for home

Da net

Cute mini-cat bookmarks (foreign language instruction - picture only) - make a paper pattern first. Glue felt cut-outs onto craft stick dotted with paw prints. Tie with twine or mini-ribbon. Cute idea for a party favor!

11 Cards for Crazy Cat People

Whether you have a cat or know somebody who loves their moggy, the perfect card is out there to celebrate our feline friends! Here you’ll find 11 of our favourite kitty greetings out there… they’re totally paw-some.