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This would be a great activity to start off a new year!  I would really be comfortable using this with any grade - possibly changing some of the prompts when needed.  It's a fun way for students to get to know their peers and also for teachers to learn more about the students they will be teaching for the next 9 months! Renee Lenda

When We Grow Up…

Because I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.

Using a beach ball, a teacher can write different questions on the ball and have the students lightly toss it to one another. The students can then answer the question on the ball and it becomes a getting to know you activity. Great for the first day of school and for introductions! Could also be modified to use for different units throughout the school year by having different questions to study for on the ball as a trivia game. -Jessie Brown

Monday Made It {Beach Ball Activity & Math About Me}

Good morning, y'all! This is my last Monday to sleep in and wouldn't you know my little one was awake at 6:15....what?! BUT, at least I'm able to link up early to Tara's Monday Made It! I spent more time on curriculum work than crafting this week. I mapped out my first day and first week plans. Now I just need to tackle long range plans. {Monday Made It #1} The first thing I did was write questions on this beach ball for an icebreaker activity on the first day. Since I'm looping up with my…

People BINGO - Good first day activity. Make it more colorful to make it more appealing for younger kids. -Kennedy B.

People Bingo (beginning of the year)

This is a game that is fun for the beginning of the year. The kids have to find someone different to sign in each box and when they have a signature in every box they call out, "Bingo!" I usually ask the people who have signed in every box to prove that it is true. For example, if they signed th...

First week of school activity, love this idea of a creating a community. Pieces fit together .-Lissa Wedell

First Day of School Puzzle Mural

Along with orienting your new students to the classroom and classroom procedures, the first few days of school provide a great opportunity for some community building exercises. A few years ago we featured this fabulous board and thought it offered a great jumping off point for a collaborative project as well as classroom decoration for the first few weeks of school! "I Am Unique" Puzzle Piece Craftivity We love using the puzzle illustration to show students that each of them, with their…

Make a school binder with several free printables www.thirtyhandmadedays.com You can have students fill it out in the beginning and at the end of the year as away to see how the students have changed. ~Samantha Opper


I've always wanted to make a school binder for each of my kids but I've never gotten my act together. I spent some time in Illustrator creating files for each of my kids (and now you)....

This little activity is perfect for display outside classroom or a bulletin board. It has the student fill out basic information about themselves on a pennant that can be colored in or decorated to show who they are to the class.   -Faith Salentine

All about Me! {Pennant(s) Banner for back to school}

An adorable activity to kick off your school year. Have students fill out a pennant banner, string or glue together, and hang! Makes an adorable back to school display. -or- Use this as a "getting-to-know-you" activity. Have students interview one another as they fill out their pennant...

Would be cute for the students  to fill out at the beginning of the school year, then they could hang across the room. -Allis

All About Me Pennant

Have students create this pennant at the beginning of the year as a great get to know me activity. I plan to laminate them and hang them up in a banner style in the front of my class. The pennant is made to be printed on 8 1/2" x 11" paper.For an online version to use with Google Classroom follow ...

First day of school ideas. - Nick Koppa


Like just about every teacher, I devote lots of time during the first few days helping our class get to know each other and memorize everyon...

I really like the idea of having the students express what they want out of you as a teacher. This way you are able to be the best teacher to your ability for them. Also, this is a great ice breaker. - Katelynn Rosewitz

The BEST First Day Ever!

I think that I had the best first day ever in all of my MANY years of teaching! I just love my class! We did lots of team building and getting to know you activities today and not much meat. I learned a LOT about some of my kiddos! One of them is even PERFECT (just ask him!) One of the things we did today was the sticky note posters - you know which ones. They are all over Pinterest. Here are ours... No surprises on this one. We learn new stuff every day. We learn new things. To get ready…

I like the idea of starting off the school year by reading a book to the students. It starts the year off simply and after reading the book the students can write a sentence on their favorite part or rule. This way, one of the first things on the wall will be the students own work to look at. Also, this is a great way to introduce the rules of the classroom or have the students come up with the rules themselves. -Katelynn Rosewitz

No, David

I have updated this link with a freebie! Click here to get there. "No, David" is one of our favorite books to begin the year or use anytime we need a little review of what our classroom expectations are. One corner of our classroom is devoted to David and our school rules. We read the book several times then the students chose one rule they thought was especially important to them and they typed their rule during Computer Lab time. Then each student created a picture of David and they turned…

This is a different way of getting to know your students.  It would be great for a first day of school ice breaker!  Chelsey Schulenburg

All About Me Bag

This is something that I did last year at the beginning of the school year. The kids loved it and it's a fun way to get to know each ot...

This or That? Getting to know you Activity! We are all connected in some way. This would be a great ice breaker activity to do on the first day of class. - Corrinne Valleskey

This Or That?

I was in charge of the activity this week for Young Women. We were welcoming two new girls into the group so I wanted to plan some kind of get-to-know-you game. I found a couple ideas online and decided to combine them. First, I took a bunch of tongue depressors and wrote two words, one on each end, which the girls would have to choose between. Some examples were "Chocolate" or "Vanilla", "Cats" or "Dogs", and "Facebook" or "Instagram". I also took some yarn and wound it into a ball. The…

I really like the idea of having the students be a part of creating some class rules. This way they are able to own and feel like a part of the classroom. The teacher can help when necessary but giving them an option to come up with some ideas is great. - Katelynn Rosewitz

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