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a poster with the words peenut on it
Lim Heng Swee - I love Doodle
an ornate frame with flowers and stars in the background that says, come back to here and now
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a handwritten poem with the words i wish i could show you, when you are at your darker, how bright you make the world for me and how happy i am that you are here
How to Support Friends & Family With Depression - A Bubbly Life
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a cartoon character with a speech bubble that says i bee in you
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7 Inspirational Quotes Of The Day (213)
there's a boost of positivity on the blue background with stars
i am a tiny foxato and i believe in you you can do the thing
You can do it :) - Funny
You can do it :)
a pink background with the words, may today be the fridayest friday that ever fridaved
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a drawing of a turtle with the words your speed doesn't matter, found as forward
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