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Fast, safe, soothing relief for ear mites in dogs, cats and other animals. All natural veterinary ear mite treatment gets rid of ear mites without harsh chemicals or pesticides. Inexpensive and effective! More information, please visit http://www.eartreatment4pets.com/

A dog ear infection is not only the most common of all dog ear problems, but it is one of the most common overall problems reported by veterinarians. It is estimated that approximately of our dogs are affected by mild to severe ear infections.

Cat Arteries Quiz | Cat Arteries & Veins – Lab « Anatomy Andy – SI Sullivan

This artery off the Aortic Arch is the Brachiocephalic, and will split to what are they? This artery picked up, is the Celiac Artery. What does it bring blood to? Where did it originate?

Ocular blastomycosis can cause instant blindness in a dog

Blastomycosis in Dogs: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Veterinarian, Dr. Andy Roark, offers 5 signs of a pet emergency in EP 01 of Cone of Shame.

Signs of a pet emergency! Important pet safety tips for dog & cat owners to know.

Consider Light Therapy For Your Dog's Rehab - Whole Dog Journal Article

In an effort to keep him as pain-free as possible, and thus active, healthy and happy, I incorporated laser therapy into his treatment program. Playing ball is in his blood; by adding the effects of laser therapy, he s able to stay off the disabled list.

Veterinary infographics

Arthritis pain in common among older cats and dogs. This would be a good article in our senior pet notebooks at work! says another pinner