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omg he looks like he's gonna play a prank soon

chanyeol flower crown — поиск в Твиттере

chanyeol flower crown — the dream came true

Park Chanyeol..

Park C hanyeol.

The photos of him are unlimited. srsly. it's fcking heaven

Park Chanyeo, why are you so perfect?

fucking handsome asdfghjkl

Parece que tuviera una galacia en su cabeza 💋👏

Chanyeol - 150524 2015 Lotte Duty Free Family Festival K-pop Concert Credit: 시선의 끝. (2015 롯데면세점 패밀리페스티벌 케이팝 콘서트)

This gorgeous human being brightens my day in a second✨

#chanyeol #whitehair #brighteyes

Why so beautiful Chanyeol?

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Chanyeol [찬열] | Park Chanyeol [박찬열]

Park Chanyeol -the war

Chanyeol ~ EXO PLANET#2 - The EXO'luXion in Hong Kong Day 2 | Confetti *-*

Precious bub looking at confetti

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Exo - Chanyeol "I want you"

Chanyeol - 150321 SMTown Live World Tour IV in Hsinchu Credit: AtmosphereChan.

Exo Chanyeol

Saw him live the other day almost died. Im secretly a teenage girl trapped inside an almost 30 mind and body lol (Favorite Girl)

I just want to hear you!

#TheEℓyXiOn #exoplanet4

The Elyxion Chanyeol